Lisa Becking
Lisa Becking has been working on the underwater wonders of Indonesia for over ten years. Now she is conducting her PhD research at the Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity Naturalis and is focusing on the marine lakes at the opposite ends of Indonesia: in Kalimantan and Papua. Lisa has participated in various expeditions of Naturalis and of the University of Tokyo Japan, and she has organized three independent expeditions to Indonesia in the past three years.

Catherine Vogler
Primarily interested in the conservation of marine ecosystems, Catherine Vogler's research focusses on the ecology and evolution of marine invertebrates and especially echinoderms. She conducted her PhD at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of MunichGermany, on the evolution of the crown-of-thorns starfish Acanthaster planci, a coral predator whose outbreak phenomena have devastated coral reefs throughout the Indo-Pacific.

Feby Moniaga
Feby just completed her Bachelor in Biology at the University of Papua, Manokwari, specialising in Marine and Freshwater Ecology. Her Bachelor project consisted in comparing freshwater lobsters in two different river systems in Roon Archipelago, West Papua. Next year, she plans to do a Masters in Biology in Yogyakarta.

Misool lake exploration team